who are we

we are a family business of humble condition but eager to progress, we see tourism as a strategic partner to help and create opportunity for people from remote villages, that is our biggest motivation to work very hard every day to consolidate this project at the top of the tourist market in our region. our experience of have worked in different tourist companies for over 13 years make us believe and dream big but humility above all, our main aim is build dreams and create opportunities for the new generation whose will be very important partners in our purpose of protecting our Amazon rainforest which is seriously threatened by deforestation, illegal mining as well as overhunting of our wild fauna but always respecting the customs and traditions of the amazon inhabitants. we offer a wide variety of eco and educative programs ranging from city tours to see the highlight of Iquitos, consider the largest metropolis of the world with not land connection to the rest of the country; day tours for travellers with little time but want to explore the Amazon river and its tributaries; for those who wants a deep jungle experience we have tours that are performed in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, tours from 2 to 10 or more days. we offer accommodation in our eco friendly lodge which was designed and built by local villagers, always trying to cause as little as possible impact to the nature and wildlife, WE are the only company in the area who has a plan of garbage management (we do not throw our garbage to the river or the bush as other do it) we separate the organic garbage and get the inorganic one (plastics) and bring it along with us back to the city; we have rooms with basic comforts (no luxury) bathroom and shower specially designed for adventurer travellers. do you want more adventure? we combine your experience…we also offer camping outdoor, feel the adrenaline of sleeping in tents, mosquito net or hammocks in a refuge built with your own hands and live face to face with flora and fauna.

where are we located?

we start our activities in IQUITOS – PERU, the capital of the department of  LORETO, which is consider the biggest city in the world without land connection, i is located in a plain surrounded by the rivers AMAZON, ITAYA and NANAY, with about 500,000 inhabitants, it is the most populous city in the Peruvian Amazon, the sixth largest city in the country and one of the most important ports on the longest and mightiest river in the world, AMAZONAS. our activities are performed about 200 km south of Iquitos, the area is located between the municipal reserve TAMSHIYACU – TAHUAYO and the national reserve PACAYA SAMIRIA, a rich area cared by villagers with different and interesting ecosystems. YARAPA (black water river) and CUMACEBA (brown or muddy river), as well as a large number or lakes and floodplains, where our visitors get more than pleased and enjoy their staying and activities while we show them an abundant and great variety of flora and fauna in their natural habits. In this area we work hand in hand with local villages whose people show us their culture, their traditional habits, their art (souvenirs) and their daily activities like agriculture and fishing.